Santa Clara River, Pine Valley, UT – Chan’s Way

Baker Reservoir, just off Utah Highway 18 between Veyo and Central – no ice!

Many folks take up fly fishing but quit after a while.  I suppose we get attracted to hobbies for one reason or another, and once we learn more about them our interest wanes for who knows why.  Perhaps it’s not as fun as we imagined, or the hobby is too costly, or maybe it’s harder than it looks.  For fly fishing, the most common beginner complaints are the cost and the difficulty as compared to other fishing techniques.  I attempted to address those two fly fishing complaints in my beginners blog, but I know that fly fishing still requires a certain adventuresome spirit to fully embrace it.

Chan’s classic wild brown of about 11 inches

My friend, Chan, took up fly fishing less than two years ago.  Without much instruction, but with an inquisitive mind and a desire to explore on his own, he’s finding the sport suits him just fine.  He recently let me know he had visited Santa Clara in December in the same vicinity that I wrote about in my July 1, 2011 blog.  The fishing encountered some snow, but Chan had enough success that he decided to return today for another shot at those wild brown trout, in the middle of a surprisingly dry and slightly warm winter.  I asked if he could visit Baker Reservoir along the way to verify reports of no ice, and he obliged. 

Another sleek 12+ inch brown caught by Chan

As you see, Chan did very well today.  Although he did not say, based on previous comments from him and the condition of the fish in his pictures I know the trout were released to grow another inch or two, or perhaps three.  And to think Chan started fly fishing less than two years ago.  Let this inspire those of you who still wonder if the sport is too difficult to produce any real enjoyment. 

Very healthy 11 inch wild brown – well done Chan! (note yellow strike indicator)

Well done, my fly fishing friend. Maybe you’ve inspired some of us to strike out in the cold of winter and emulate your effort… and may we also reap similar rewards.

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I am a Christian who has been married to my wife for over four decades, with six children and four grandchildren so far. I have retired from a string of successful occupations as a certified public accountant, a chief financial officer, and a registered municipal advisor. I have been a fly angler for almost five decades. My one and only article submission was published by Southwest Fly Fishing magazine (now American Fly Fishing). You can learn more about me by clicking on “About” on the top of my blog page.

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