All my life I’ve enjoyed the outdoors; God’s awesome creation keeps my life in perspective, focusing me on my place and purpose in His creation. I have been fly fishing since 1977; it is my greatest passion of all outdoor interests. I started writing fishing “vignettes” to memorialize my adventures for those who were not with me (and possibly for old age when my memory becomes feeble). After reading some of my fishing vignettes, my eldest son, who at the time was a web designer, set me up with this blog, including securing the “FisherDad.com” Uniform Resource Locator web address. Most stories occur in Nevada, but some include southern Utah and even northern California.

I am a Christian fly angler. I believe in one God (i.e., the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit are separate but one in purpose and will). I believe that the Son of God (Jesus the Christ) was born on earth as both fully man and fully God in order to save us from sin, to pull us out from under the law, and to teach us how to be in fellowship with God. Recognizing that God, made man, died for my sins I am compelled to accept his gift at the cross, to believe in Jesus as the way to truth and life, to confess and repent my sins, and to be in fellowship with him. And so, while this blog is primarily about fishing and other outdoor adventures, you will see a decidedly Christian theme in many of my stories.

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