Cambria, Central Coast of California

DeAna and Rob, Santa Rosa Chapel, July 7, 2007

Out-of-town trips can’t always be about fishing, can they? Well, they can’t. And, although there are no pictures of fly-caught trout in this blog, there is lots to share with family and friends.

Denise’s niece, DeAna, married Rob on Saturday, July 7 (one of those lucky 777 marriages). Feeling guilty for already missing Emily’s east coast wedding (the other niece), and in dire need of respite after four weeks of caring for two young foster children, we took advantage of the opportunity and drove off to Cambria for the week. Everything was wonderful: the wedding, the weather, the food, the lodging, the time away; it was just what was needed to repair frazzled nerves.

DeAna and Rob Arrive at the Ranchero de Carver
The first dance… one of many to come

Dancing with the in-laws
DeAna dancing with her father, Pat

The wedding took place at the historic Santa Rosa Chapel. The bride was beautiful, the groom was handsome, and the chapel was picture perfect. The reception was at the “Ranchero de Carver”; at least that’s what I call it. I believe it is the most picturesque ranch on the Santa Rosa Creek Road, and it was a most wonderful setting for the reception. The lower field served as a parking lot while the upper level parking lot was festooned with white tents, an outdoor dance floor, and wonderful food prepared on-site by the caterer (and special Philippino treats by the groom’s family). The wine and beer flowed freely as all enjoyed the event at the “Ranchero de Carver”.

The groom and his family at the chapel
Julie, Larry, Nick, and Yvette on the chapel grounds
Ashton and Tom in the chapel garden area
Yvette and Pat
Mark and Denise
Nick, Mark, and Denise
Yvette and Denise
Yvette, Jim, and Denise
Denise and Julie
Ranchero de Carver (from uphill of the rear yard)
Temporary parking lot from the main house
Carver avocado groves

Evan traveled with mom and dad, while Nick and Tom drove up separately just for the weekend. Tom’s girlfriend, Ashton, joined in, but Doug and Brian were unable to attend due to work and other commitments. Filling in the rest of the week were trips to Hearst Castle, Piedras Blancas elephant seals, Morro Bay, and San Luis Obispo, not to mention celebrating Uncle Jim’s birthday at the Ranchero. We rented a home in the Happy Hill area of Cambia, and it was as advertised: “Heaven on Happy Hill”. Dining in Cambria was an extraordinary experience given that the fruits, berries, and vegetables were freshly grown in the area. Shopping was fun, too, especially visiting the galleries and gift shops. But most of all, simply being with family and friends to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime event was the greatest treasure of all, truly a memory to savor.

Tom and Nick upon arriving in Happy Hills
Jim, Nick, Mark, Denise, Evan, Ashton, and Tom at Hearst Castle
Hearst Castle outdoor pool
Hearst Castle main building
Cohen and Braydon “helping” Uncle Jim
Evan at the elephant seal beach (no, those aren’t logs on the beach)
Heaven on Happy Hills, 614 Ashby Lane
The beach view from 614 Ashby
Great room at 614 Ashby

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  1. Hi Mark: Great photo’s!! I especially like the one taken of the family and group at Hearst Castle. The narrative is especially nice. You could do the social column in the Review Journal!! Did my orchid make it home? Glad you all had such a great time. Yvette

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