Cold Creek Getaway in Fish Taco

The Tacoma with its new Lear 100R shell, including head liner, drop out cab-side window, and a three outlet, 12V power block near the rear lift window.

Okay, I admit that I’m having a man-crush on my Tacoma.  I feel like a little boy who got the Christmas present he had been harassing his parents for since Halloween. I could easily succumb to the temptation to run away to distant places every weekend.  Maybe that’s what happens to a truck owner after driving Dodge Dakotas for 18 years.

But, I can’t give in to those childish impulses, at least not completely.  There remain certain relational responsibilities to Jesus, my wife, my daughter, and my employer (even if it is a part-time arrangement). And besides, the infatuation with road trip adventures would eventually wane and I’d emerge from the delusional fog one day to discover my wife and daughter have left me due to my abandonment of them.

I find the shell very convenient, and not only when transporting gear to my destinations, but also using it with a lowered tailgate really facilitates staging equipment as well as post-angling tear down. 

Of course it’s more complicated than that.  I love my wife deeply, but I’ve learned over these past 38 years it takes a consistent effort to stay actively present in her life and my children’s lives.  If you don’t pay attention, you can easily take your spouse for granted.  That can lead to miscommunication, or no communication, which results in drifting apart.  It can be a marriage death march.

Being a Christian, I am so thankful for the Word, the Scriptures.  Those who are unfamiliar with the Bible may not realize the depth of wisdom it contains regarding relationships, especially the marriage commitment.  It teaches that in marriage, “two become one” (Mark 10:5-9).  The Pharisees were trying to trap Jesus on the issue of divorce.  While He explained to them that divorce decrees were allowed under Moses’ leadership as a concession for “hardened hearts,” the truth is that marriage creates a new unity, a “we” if you will.  This is not to mean that the two parties cease to remain individuals, but that they are to become a sacred unit. 

Angling action was a little slow, but it’s to be expected in this little pond the farther away from the late-winter stocking and with the arrival of the mid-spring heat. This trout was hooked deep in the pond, and it fought well despite it’s somewhat lean condition.
Note the brown nymph located in the corner of this rainbow’s mouth. He was in reasonable shape compared to the other two I landed, but his pale coloring denotes to me insufficient aquatic insects in the pond. 

So how is it possible to remain “we” for half a century or longer?  Isn’t it a reasonable expectation that couples drift apart over time?  Isn’t divorce a reasonable option for couples with irreconcilable differences?  For a Christian based perspective on this worldly viewpoint, read this article by Steven Kalas, a locally noted Nevada author, therapist and Episcopal priest, “Don’t kid yourself: divorce is forever.”

It’s helpful to first recognize that we are all sinners by virtue of our selfish, prideful focus on our personal happiness based on the world’s standards, not God’s (Romans 3:12-18).  The cure for that deadly self-centered attraction is to pursue and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and to allow Him to change our perception of values, to reject the world’s carnal values in favor of His. Apostle Paul says this will renew our minds. (Romans 12:2).  This spiritual relationship is further described in Ephesians 5:15-20 and other similar verses.

A couple of wild mares and a colt feeding along the pond ditch. The older mare actually walked over to my truck with the shell window and tailgate wide open. She stuck her nose into the shell looking for food, but I was worried she would take off with my real case in her mouth.
These feral horses are pretty tame, but still unpredictably dangerous. They always come right down to the pond to drink, and they don’t respond to hooting, hollering, and whistling because I tried that when the older one stuck her nose into my camper shell.
Waterfowl are common around the pond, especially during seasonal migrations. This pair of male mallard ducks was odd; a couple of bachelors, or…

When we allow ourselves to be in the presence of the Holy Spirit, scripture takes on new relevance and truth in our lives.  When I am centered on my relationship with Jesus. I am able to re-align with my family relationships, especially with my wife. For example, Ephesians 5:21-33 describes how I am to love my wife.  When I find myself straying from my commitment to be “radically present” in my marital and familial relationships I remind myself what the Lord’s, not the world’s, version of love is supposed to look like by reading 1 Corinthians 13:4-13, likely the most often read verses at weddings of all sorts.

For an expanded version of marriage fidelity and its various infidelity entrapments, read this short article also by Steven Kalas, “True fidelity isn’t only about sex.”

It is a handsome truck… but I’m prejudiced.
Added my fishing stickers, the Canyon Ridge “God First” sticker, and my American flag magnet. I believe I’m good to go now.

All that said, I admit that my three-hour trip to Cold Creek as the sun peeked over Frenchman Mountain was very satisfying, but certainly can never replace the importance and satisfaction of my marriage fidelity and all that relates to it.

Author: FisherDad

I am a Christian who has been married to my wife for over four decades, with six children and four grandchildren so far. I have retired from a string of successful occupations as a certified public accountant, a chief financial officer, and a registered municipal advisor. I have been a fly angler for almost five decades. My one and only article submission was published by Southwest Fly Fishing magazine (now American Fly Fishing). You can learn more about me by clicking on “About” on the top of my blog page.

4 thoughts on “Cold Creek Getaway in Fish Taco”

  1. So how about putting more stickers on the rear window to denote ALL of your sons, daughters, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, cats….but not using those stick figure people? You could use trout! Just sayin'.Love,Jeannie

  2. Jeannie –

    I've actually thought about that. I was thinking different size Christian fish symbols to go with my Matthew 4:19 reference. But ultimately I wanted to be able to use my rear view mirror and slapping 13 stickers back there would restrict my visibility.

    But I'll continue to noodle on that suggestion a little .

    – FisherDad

  3. Thank you for always giving Scriptural counsel and encouragement to your readers. Your obedience and dedication to the Lord is powerful role-modeling for the many people who follow your blog. Thank you, Fisher Dad.

  4. Randy –

    Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. We have friends going through a very rocky marriage at the moment. "Unequally yoked" with one baby Christian and the other very skeptical. It breaks our hearts to see such pain, but free will is necessary in order that we may choose to love Him, isn't it. All my wife and I can do is witness our experiences and what we know to be true in the Word. The rest is with them and the Lord.

    Thanks again, and many blessings to you and your ministry.

    – FisherDad

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