Cold Creek Pond Stocking Reconnaissance

Town of Cold Creek from the pond

Since it was getting deeper into fall and the weather had turned decidedly cooler I took a quick run up to the pond at Cold Creek to see if it had been stocked this week.  As most of you Cold Creek followers know the Nevada Department of Wildlife stocks rainbow trout in the late fall and early spring.  The short answer was: no.

The temperature at 7:20 AM was 31 degrees according to the Trout Truck, so I was glad I brought my fingerless mittens.  Initial casting deposited ice crystals in my guides, but it easily shook off as the sun continued rising to the east. 

Young Cold Creek stallion

I witnessed a few fish rise to the surface, but they had that telltale yellow-orange hue of aquarium goldfish (a.k.a. carp).  I cast around for about fifty minutes and managed to snag a hefty goldfish of maybe nine inches in length but round like a football. I was dredging a small nymph and somehow managed to foul-hook the creature; I did not return him but quickly dispatched him.

Who says you can’t catch goldfish on a fly?

On my  return home I crossed two small wild horse herds, as well as a lone coyote about two-hundred yards in the distance.  The rising sun was still low and the coyote’s emerging winter coat was highlighted in the morning rays.  He was the highlight of this morning’s trip.

Coyote working on his winter coat

Life should always be this beautiful and simple, shouldn’t it…

FisherDad in Trout Truck

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  1. Yes, I heard it was scheduled for today. Trout coming from Mason Valley Hatchery in Yerrington as the Lake Mead Hatchery has quagga mussel issues. We'll have to check that out.

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