A Pause in the Life…

Most of us experience health events as we age that give us pause. My first such experience as an adult was my October 22, 2015 heart attack while float-tubing Dacey Reservoir on a solo trip. My most recent medical episode occurred after a Father’s Day dinner at home. I apparently experienced a thrombosis in my lower aorta, below my renal arteries but above my iliac arteries. That resulted in diminished blood flow to my legs which were already suffering from twenty years of peripheral artery disease. Surgeons performed an Axillo-Bifemoral bypass which successfully restored adequate blood flow to my legs, but the time lapse between Father’s Day and surgery was too long for my right leg and so it suffered some nerve and muscle damage.

I am working hard in physical therapy to regain strength and control of my right leg, especially my foot. I am already noticing improvement, but it will be a long journey.

Please pray that the Lord’s will be done, and that I accept His will and continue to give all glory to Him

Meanwhile, I cannot yet drive, and I must use a walker to cover any long distance. Needless to say, I won’t be going fishing for a while, which translates into no blog posts of any new outdoor experiences. But don’t give up on your subscriptions yet. While I work on my recovery I might find one or two adventures I’ve not yet written about.

Thank you for your interest in my blog.

Author: FisherDad

I am a Christian who has been married to my wife for over four decades, with six children and four grandchildren so far. I have retired from a string of successful occupations as a certified public accountant, a chief financial officer, and a registered municipal advisor. I have been a fly angler for almost five decades. My one and only article submission was published by Southwest Fly Fishing magazine (now American Fly Fishing). You can learn more about me by clicking on “About” on the top of my blog page.

19 thoughts on “A Pause in the Life…”

  1. I read up on your procedure. Sounds like you are full of plastic tubing! I worried after 2015 but you made it just fine. You will survive this, too, but the recovery sounds like it will take awhile. Keep up the physical therapy as it will get you back on the water.
    At 86, and after my bike accident, I have not fished either. Will start flyfishing here in the surf of Santa Barbara shortly. Trying for a spring trip to Comins. Sold the trailer so it will be ABB. May see you there if all goes well for both of us. We’re tough old birds and will get there together. Never give up. Good luck!

    1. P.S. Is the picture on the blog from the Feather River near Portola and Greyeagle? Will never forget Dacey and your article which included me. Hold that new cane rod often so it doesn’t get lonely. We were visiting our daughter on Hwy. 4 last week. She drove me to the Stanislaus River so I could hear the sounds of running water. Very good for the soul and I recommend the same therapy for you!

      1. Here’s to seeing you on Comins in the spring. I’d love that.

        As to the photo, that is Mammoth Creek in southern Utah in late November 2009. Mammoth is a major tributary to the Sevier River, and this section is part of private ranch property. Mammoth’s headwaters originate about 10,000 feet up in the Markagunt Plateau, a massive volcanic field. The meadow section in the ranch settles in at about 8,000 feet. In the 1980s it seemed that the owners either never enforced it or did a poor job of posting signs. Lots of nice wild browns in this section; many anglers attest to 17 inchers and beyond. Thus you can see why I trespassed on this particular day.

    2. The long and winding road…Will pray for your healing and family! We ain’t youngins anymore, but I want us to be here as long as the Lord sees fit😇 Please say hi to Denise and Emily and anybody else you bump into that we know! My 2nd grandson is a month out…we could use your prayers for that event! Thanks

  2. You are very strong brother. God will take care of you! Be patient and chug along. God bless you brother mark🌅

  3. Hi Mark,
    I’m praying that the Lord will continue to heal your leg. May you regain total strength and be out on the waters soon. Most importantly, I am praying that the Lord would continue to give you wisdom, guidance, and great, great peace in your heart. Be gentle on yourself, my good brother.

  4. Praying to the Lord for a complete recovery, so you once again can be on the water enjoying fishing and seeing his marvelous creation unfold before your eyes.

    1. Thank you Fred. The Lord has already shown me that I can drive my Fish Taco truck under certain conditions. Perhaps at the very least I will be able to fish the awesome reservoirs in Nevada and Utah from my tubes. Thank you for posting your well wishes.

  5. Mark, I had not heard and continue to watch for you at Albertson’s or walking with your wife and daughter. I am so sorry and have every faith that hat will be back on your head and the pole in your hand before too much longer. My prayers and so many get well thoughts are with all of you as you go through this difficult, strengthening journey. Judy tuttle

  6. Hello Mark,
    Sorry to hear about medical situation. It was good to hear you’re feeling improvement in your leg, praise the Lord for that. Our prayers to you and your family.
    Gary and Faith

    1. Gary & Faith,

      Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. I was happy to hear from you guys after all these years. May the Lord bless you and keep you!


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