Pre-Thanksgiving at Cold Creek

Some slushy snow at Cold Creek pond, and across the glass-like water surface you see the snow-capped Sheep Mountains in distant background.

I didn’t fish last Saturday when I visited Cold Creek in a light snowfall, although I was able to enjoy the drama displayed by Mother Nature instead.  So, I decided to fulfill my ceremonial pre-Thanksgiving afternoon fishing trip.  I probably shouldn’t have gone since I was feeling under the weather, but I was curious about the snow remnants.  Enjoy the pictures.

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Cold Creek Coyote Gives Chase

Indian Ridge runs along the the Cold Creek Road to the west. This day it was draped in a dusting of light snowfall.

Three days of drizzly weather in late fall was producing snow-capped mountains in the Spring Creek Range. The peaks were enticing me to try fishing Cold Creek in the snow, although I wasn’t sure how low the snow got down. Studying Red Rock Canyon and La Madre Mountain from town indicated the snow level was about 5,000 feet. Since Cold Creek Pond was at 5,900 feet I knew I would be driving in the snow. Still, it was worth an early morning adventure.

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Cold Creek – Fall Stocking

A view of the town of Cold Creek in the distance (a little dusting of snow on Willow Peak in the Spring Mountains)

I had received a few inquiries on the stocking of the pond at Cold Creek – my Veterans Day visit confirmed it is so.  An email from my friend Mitch this morning also said it occurred two weeks ago.  Chan will be smiling because I didn’t jump the gun this year.

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