Cold Creek Solitude

Mount Wheeler, Spring Mountains, overlooking Cold Creek Pond

I made a quick trip to Cold Creek after dropping Evan off at school. The Nevada Department of Wildlife has yet to make their spring stocking (usually in mid to late March), but there are still a good number of trout present. I arrived about 7:30 am to find a heron on the northern bank near the brush (I assume a great blue heron as they are common to our area, but then I’m not an Audubon member…). His three-toed tracks in the pond shallows were evident all over. When I stepped out of the truck he flew away. Later he circled and landed to the east of the pond. I was unable to track him to take a picture in flight, but I did manage to get him hiding amongst the sage.  His presence meant that he was finding fish food, and thus a good omen.

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