December 1, 2017

Fall Stocking Completed at Cold Creek Pond

On a day with temperatures in the low 50s and just a gentle breeze, I
was very happy that I had but one other angler to share Cold Creek on
the first Friday of December 2017.
A few weeks ago I read in the local paper the Nevada Department of Wildlife was scheduled to plant trout in the Cold Creek pond.  Today I confirmed they did.  One other angler was fishing bait, but he was doing it well: small hooks enabling him to catch and release five trout that I noticed.  As for me, in about an hour I landed four, but had hooks pulled out of three others.  Awesome weather there today.  I was surprised but thankful only one other angler was on the pond.  Enjoy the photos. 
Feral horses getting their morning drink from the pond. Several small
groups (I hesitate to label them "herds") came through, including a few
mares with young colts from last spring. Doesn't the ribbon of creek
water glistening as it flows into the pond look inviting; often the horses
stop near it to drink, likely because it's cleaner at the inlet.
Little stocked rainbow struggling to free itself from the size 16 nymph.
All four were carbon copies of this one.
One last examination before release back into the pond.