November 29, 2013

Pre-Thanksgiving at Cold Creek

Slushy snow at Cold Creek pond; glass-like water surface
Note snow-capped Sheep Mountains in distant background
I didn’t fish last Saturday when I visited Cold Creek in a light snowfall, although I was able to enjoy the drama displayed by Mother Nature instead.  So, I decided to fulfill my ceremonial pre-Thanksgiving afternoon fishing trip.  I probably shouldn’t have gone since I was feeling under the weather, but I was curious about the snow remnants.  Enjoy the pictures.

Stocked rainbow of about 10 inches, caught on brown bead-headed nymph

Another 10 inch trout; fishing my favorite rod: 7.5-foot, 4-weight custom fly rod
Playing a small rainbow on the custom fly rod
White ATV caravan parked near the pond;
seems like an unusual way to spend the holiday
Small rainbow displaying color typical of hatchery trout


shawn glines said...

great blog, thank you!

FisherDad said...

Thanks, Shawn. Are you an angler? How'd you find this blog?

shawn glines said...

I go fishing sometimes, not nearly as often as I would like as I work about 70 hours a week.

I usually find places in Utah.

I found your blog once before googling cold creek. This time it popped up when I googled beaver dam campground.

FisherDad said...

On right-hand side of the blog posts is an alphabetical listing of the places I've blogged on, with the number of blogs on each location shown in parenthesis. If you're looking for specific locations that might be useful.

Austin Hemphill said...

I just stumbled across your blog while researching places to fly fish in the Las Vegas area during my down for Thanksgiving. I grew up in Boulder City and have only just recently taken up fly fishing since moving to Northern Ontario.

What flies would you recommend?

Thanks for the excellent blog,

FisherDad said...

Austin --

Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to post a comment.

I assume your question about fly selection is in reference to the Cold Creek pond. I’ve been asked this a few times, and if you refer you to my November 11, 2013 Cold Creek blog you can read my previous advice (paste this URL in your web search engine: There are a series of comments regarding fly selection for Cold Creek; my advice is the on the 8th comment down, a reply to Jeff Smith. By the way, these recommended fly selections would work fine on the urban ponds in Boulder City, Sunset Park, Lorenzi Park, or Tule Springs Park.

All the best.

-- Mark