Cold Creek Pond Stocking Reconnaissance

Town of Cold Creek from the pond

Since it was getting deeper into fall and the weather had turned decidedly cooler I took a quick run up to the pond at Cold Creek to see if it had been stocked this week.  As most of you Cold Creek followers know the Nevada Department of Wildlife stocks rainbow trout in the late fall and early spring.  The short answer was: no.

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Northeastern Nevada – Ruby Lakes, Lamoille Creek, & Illipah Reservoir

Ruby Mountain Range, Elko County, Nevada Robinson, Soldier, and Hidden lakes over ridge right of center

I may have seen more of the state of Nevada than most, but I certainly have not seen all of it. Nevada is such a vast state, over 110 thousand square miles ranking it the seventh largest state. Two New York states could fit into Nevada, or three Indiana states. One part of the state I have not visited is the lonesome northwest. I would love to see the Charles Sheldon Antelope Refuge or fish Knott Creek Reservoir, but they are 600 miles away… one way.

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