The Pond at Cold Creek

This was Cold Creek pond at 7:30 AM: 35 degrees and no ice. The Sheep Mountain Range is in the background.

Chan’s winter fishing of Utah’s Santa Clara River inspired me, and I was seriously contemplating tubing Baker Reservoir this Friday. Chan was kind enough to verify the Utah Department of Wildlife reports that Baker had not yet frozen over, and I was watching the weather patterns thinking Friday would be a fine time to hit it mid-winter.

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Santa Clara River, Pine Valley, UT – Chan’s Way

Baker Reservoir, just off Utah Highway 18 between Veyo and Central – no ice!

Many folks take up fly fishing but quit after a while.  I suppose we get attracted to hobbies for one reason or another, and once we learn more about them our interest wanes for who knows why.  Perhaps it’s not as fun as we imagined, or the hobby is too costly, or maybe it’s harder than it looks.  For fly fishing, the most common beginner complaints are the cost and the difficulty as compared to other fishing techniques.  I attempted to address those two fly fishing complaints in my beginners blog, but I know that fly fishing still requires a certain adventuresome spirit to fully embrace it.

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Cold Creek Ice Gone

Cold Creek in January with no ice!

A large high-pressure weather system has settled into the Great Basin and beyond, keeping temperatures around Nevada near record highs for this time of year. For about two weeks the Las Vegas valley temperatures have been between the high fifties and the high sixties. I began to wonder if the Cold Creek ice had melted off.

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