Illipah Reservoir – Cave Lake State Park

Looking south leaving Schell Creek Range Ward Mountain Range in the background

Right as school let out for summer break, Denise and I received our first foster home placement. Although we were licensed since last October, we had only provided a few respite periods for another foster couple we know. This was the real deal, and the placement was for a sibling pair: a two-and-one-half year old girl and a fourteen month old boy. Ironically, we know their biological family indirectly, which creates some complications. The little girl has severe emotional disabilities, and we suspect she’s bipolar. Needless to say, this was a long, exhausting summer. I had not been fishing since Cold Spring at Wayne Kirch in early May. I had wanted to go in June before the summer heat reached its apex, but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave Denise with these two children, both still in diapers and devoid of any appreciation and respect for boundaries. By the time September arrived I could not contain myself any longer, and so I planned a two-day overnight trip.

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